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Purchasing Canned Tuna in Dubai for Souvenir

If you love to go to Dubai for a holiday, then you might want to get some canned tuna in Dubai for souvenir or gifts for your family and friends back home. Dubai has very beautiful sea, which becomes one of the many reasons why there are many tourists comes to visit it. Of course, there are many kinds of souvenir that you can get on Dubai. However, if you want to have unique souvenir to give to your family and friends back home, then tuna canned is one of the product that you can easily find in Dubai.
How they Process Canned tuna in Dubai
You should not have to worry since people in Dubai create the tuna canned product in the best factory that they have. Furthermore, the process that they use also the best procedure that usually being used to make tuna canned product. With this procedure, they will be able to create tuna canned product which have best quality thus it will be suitable if you use it as souvenir that you can bring back home. To remove your doubt, let us see the procedure that the factory uses to create their canned tuna in Dubai.
When the tuna fish first brought to the Dubai factory, then it will be taken to the sizing processing line. In this line the tuna fish will be put into conveyor which will take it to the shaker machine. This machine will shake the tuna fish so it will have the same align, which is needed since the tuna fish will be put inside elevator. This elevator will then bring the tuna fish into the sizer machine which will separate the tuna fish based on their size. Only tuna fish that has weight less than ten kilos that able to be to fit into the sizer machine. For other fish that weight more than that will be taken into separated line later on. Of course both tuna fish sizes will still be use to make canned tuna in Dubai.
For the tuna fish that weight more than ten kilos, it will be taken to the cutting line. In this line that tuna fish will be cleaned and cut into smaller size which will be suitable to be put together with the other tuna fish that has weight less than ten kilos. On the other hand, the tuna fish which weight less than ten kilos will be taken to the cleaning line which will clean the tuna fish completely before being use in the next production line. However for this tuna fish, it will not be cut since the size is already suitable to be made into canned tuna in Dubai. The only thing that will be done to this kind of tuna fish is to cut off its tail and head from the fish and clean the meat from the dark meat so it will be ready for the next process.
The tuna fish that is already clean will be put on the rack along with the tuna fish that already been cut into suitable sizes from the cutting line. This rack will then be put inside the pre cooker machine which will cook those tunas using steam inside vacuum condition. The machine will also be cool down still inside vacuum condition so it can reach normal temperature before transferred into the next processing line to make canned tuna in Dubai.
The transferred method of this cooked tuna is by putting it into sanitary conveyor. This conveyor will then take the cooked tuna into the tuna filler machine. This machine will be the one that fill the tuna can with the cooked tuna meat inside. After the tuna is put inside the can, the can will be delivered into the closer machine which will close the tuna can and vacuum it to preserve the content. While being delivered into the closer machine, there will be liquid put inside each tuna can to marinate the meat.
Those are the process that is needed to make tuna canned in the factory in Dubai. Those are high quality process that the tuna canned have to going through. Since it is good procedures that are used, then you should not have to doubt canned tuna in Dubai.

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