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Canned tuna manufacturers in Spain produce seafood product for export transaction

Canned tuna manufacturers in Spain produce top quality canned seafood for both domestically and internationally. Every year tons of tuna fish have been caught as the raw material of canned tuna by Spanish suppliers. Spain itself is one of the top canned food producers in Europe including canned tuna production as the leading seafood product.
Tuna fish product takes around 2/3 of the produced canned volume and one-half of the value. For your information, Spain produces nearly 70% of canned tuna which processed in the Europe. Spain manufacturers rely heavily on import of raw material of tuna including Ecuador as the top suppliers as well as other countries.

Canned tuna manufacturers in Spain produce seafood product for export transaction
More than 40 percents of canned seafood made by Spain is exported to various markets in Europe including canned tuna. You can say most of the sale of this canned seafood sold by the Spain is tuna; it even reaches around 83 percents of sale. Main buyers of Spain canned tuna are Italy, Portugal, and France. Canned tuna manufacturers in Spain also export their product outside EU, however with more expensive price compared when they ship it to other neighboring countries within Europe. For example, in America, Mexico, and Switzerland, canned tuna made in Spain is offered with premium prices and placed in an exclusive market.
Meanwhile some of the canned tuna suppliers in Spain focus their marketing effort on International transaction/ export and import market rather than focusing in domestic market. They are only performing their sale around 30 to 40 percents for domestic delivery. This act particularly is done by small canned tuna manufacturers in Spain that get large opportunity to market their product internationally as a part of their marketing strategy.
Tuna, a fish that loved by many people including Spanish
Tuna fish is one of the most favorite seafood in the world including in Spain. Many best canned tuna manufacturers in Spain produce various styles of tuna in can as well as tuna in jar. They are processed and then packed in oils, brine, water, or other Spain seasonings to make the flavor taste better. The canned tuna is cooked thus it present the most tender and silky canned tuna in the whole world.
Spain canned tuna is possible to be cooked and mixed to various tuna recipes. Whoever visits Spain will easily find out many kinds of delicious tuna dishes. You can also try to visit tuna dish from Spain or you can simply ordering some of canned tuna made by Spain suppliers and then use it for your own tuna recipes.
Albacore and bluefin tuna
Albacore tuna or sometime also referred as the white meat tuna is one of the most popular canned tuna products in Spain. The Albacore has white flesh rather than red and thus they are called or labeled as white meat tuna in many canned tuna product. Albacore has mild taste with firm texture and it mostly sold with more expensive price than light tuna (skipjack and yellowfin). Albacore is one of the most favorite tuna fish in canned tuna industry in Spain.
Unfortunately, Albacore tuna has more mercury level compared with light tuna fish; this is why many people recommend limiting consumption of albacore tuna. If you do not know yet, the mercury level in albacore tuna is almost 3 times as high as skipjack tuna fish. It also the reason of why pregnant women and kids better not consuming albacore tuna because the high mercury level might harm or give negative effect for their body health.
Bluefin tuna is another popular tuna fish in Spain, although they are categorized as overfishing for now. Bluefin tuna has more fat and so they have more flavor than other types of tuna fish. When the young bluefin is finally mature, they have dark red meat and this is why they often called as red tuna which have similar color almost like raw beef meat. Bluefin has huge size with the biggest size recorded can grow till about 1,600 ponds.
Finding good canned tuna manufacturers in Spain
Most of canned tuna product from Spain is exported to EU, of course you can still find Spain canned tuna product in various market in other areas like America, however with expensive prices. That’s why, if you visit Europe, you may want to look for canned tuna to get cheaper price by purchase the tuna in a bulk.
Finding food canned tuna suppliers can be conducted offline and online. If you live outside Spain or EU, you can order canned tuna via online shop. This is the easiest way to get canned tuna produced by Spain suppliers if there are no grocery stores or supermarket that sell Spain canned tuna near your area.
This is what you need to do to find trusted canned tuna manufacturers in Spain:
-          List all of the Spain canned tuna brands which you can get.
-          Ask for some recommendation from friends who have experience taste canned tuna made in Spain. You can also look for online testimonies.
-          Contact the canned tuna suppliers, ask for discounted prices and do not forget to speak detailed information about what kind of canned tuna product you want to order.
-          Ask for shipping cost, because it might add additional fees.
Bonito tuna
Buy canned tuna online with various styles of Spain seasonings added is the best experience to have. You can select from so many canned tuna brands including Bonito tuna. Bonito tuna is a premium canned tuna and it is a great way to get healthy and delicious meal for your diet. Bonito tuna packed with minerals, vitamins, protein, and omega-3 fatty acids and thus it is essential component for Mediterranean diets.
Bonito tuna has softer texture than other variety of tuna, it also have exquisite flavor which you need to experience on your own. Bonito tuna have superior taste compared with other regular tuna; they are not only offer healthy nutrients, but also rich and high quality tuna meat. Bonito tuna is versatile, it can be cooked and mixed to various tuna recipes such as kebabs, salads, tortillas, pastas, rice, and you can even prepare some snacks with canned tuna manufacturers in Spain Bonito tuna product.

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