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How to find the best Bonito canned tuna suppliers Spain?

White tuna is popularly known as Bonito del Norte in Spain. It is the most expensive and luxury tuna fish meat made by canned tuna suppliers Spain. For those who never tried Bonito tuna before then they are really different with regular tuna which can be seen from the taste, texture, and the color. Bonito has light pick almost white in color and when you see the appearance, the meat looks like it almost crumbles. It has exquisite flavor with delicate taste and not too fishy smell.
Premium Bonito tuna with delicate texture and taste sold in both cans and jars. Tuna suppliers in Spain offers many brands and the most popular Bonito tuna product is tuna soaked in olive oil. The tuna is not only packed with natural nutrient from the Bonito fish, but also by soaking the meat in the olive oil, you can get extra healthy nutrition from the oil! It is the time you need to look for bonito canned tuna suppliers Spain and experience the taste yourself. Here is some information to get best and trusted Spain tuna suppliers that sell Bonito tuna product.

How to find the best Bonito canned tuna suppliers Spain?
Finding the best Bonito tuna suppliers first to experience the taste of bonito canned tuna product. The bonito tuna is sold with various styles including flake which can be served and put into salad, sandwich, or toast. You can also pair the bonito tuna with a glass of wine for your lunch or dinner; it is easy to find a good tuna recipe and using bonito tuna to make the dish taste better.
Spain Bonito del Norte is an Albacore tuna, often called as white tuna meat in other various countries. The bonito tuna is caught during summer season when the tuna fish travel to the Northern Spanish waters in order to pursue Cantabrian anchovies. This name can be translated as ‘The Beauty of the North’ since it is the finest example of tuna meat for seafood canning process.
Bonito tuna usually preserved in olive oil before put into cans or jars. Canned tuna suppliers Spain using olive oil to add the flavor and it also resulted in smoother and softer texture which cannot be found in regular or any typical tuna fish that you found in US market or grocery stores. It is one of the best tuna seafood products which you can buy with affordable price.
Tips to look for trusted canned tuna suppliers in Spain that sell bonito
How to look for the best bonito canned tuna suppliers from Spain? Read these tips to get best brand that sell good quality of canned tuna bonito:
1.      You need to find a brand which you will trust
Okay, so since bonito tuna is a premium tuna meat, many sellers offer expensive price for a can of bonito tuna. However, finding a good bonito tuna product is not only about the price but also the sustainability. You can find a can of bonito tuna with ‘line caught’ and ‘FDA free’ labels. Why? Because pole and line fishing is suppose to prevent over caught of the tuna fish. Meanwhile, FDA is used to lure the tuna fish so they can be caught easily by the fishermen, however this device also lure other ocean animals so it is not sustainable way to catch tuna. So, to find a brand which you will trust, you need to look for a brand that DO RIGHT!
2.      Buy a tuna that soaked in olive oil
Thanks that many brands serve Bonito tuna in olive oil so they will taste really good. If you buy other tuna product that serve in water, then the taste of the tuna meat is in that water. Meanwhile, olive oil can hold the tuna flavor better than any preservatives. The oil will seal in the tuna flavor plus give you some luxurious healthy fat. That’s why, when you grab a can of bonito tuna, you need to check if there is a label that say “olive oil” and not other oils such as vegetable, soybean, or sunflower.
3.      By canned is means that not all the bonito tuna fish is placed in cans, sometime they are stored in jars
Of course, they are many canned tuna suppliers Spain offer many packaging styles in the market. They are certainly good stuff which you can find in a tin can, however many superior brands often sell their product in glass of jars instead of cans. The advantages for buying bonito tuna in jars is that you can see what you are getting. Well, it is mean that you can look for a jar of bonito tuna with big and firm fish meat. This is such a nice form particularly if you want to keep the bonito tuna intact for your salad recipe. But, you can still break them apart for your pasta sauce or tuna salad. What we mean is that the bonito tuna fish is really a versatile seafood product.
Even if you already have the best bonito canned tuna brand with delicious taste and nice texture, you still need to show some love. It is required when you want to serve a good dish for your diet. Showing some love meaning that, even your tuna is already salted, you still need to add some flavor by add other seasonings. You can squeeze some lemon or simply add sprinkle pepper flakes if you really into that kind of additional flavors.
You can also make some pasta or salad tuna recipe. When it comes to tuna salad, you can mix the bonito tuna in olive oil with fresh parsley, Dijon, Worcestershire sauce, and cappers. With these ingredients, you do not even need a mustard sauce.
Once you take your first bite of bonito tuna you will never disappointed with the taste. And in fact, we bet you will want to eat more. Try find canned tuna suppliers Spain will the tips above, if the price is too expensive, try to look for cheaper suppliers that can give you discounted price if you buy a bulk.

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