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Canned Tuna Vietnam and Fresh Tuna, Which One to be Chosen?

Canned tuna Vietnam will be a good alternative for those who find it hard to buy seasonal fresh tuna. Canned fish is always available every year and anywhere judging by the large distribution worldwide including canned tuna fish in Vietnam. Canned tuna fish Vietnam is exported globally with many kind of products such as canned in oil or water. Vietnam is one of the largest canned tuna producers in the world and it is no wonder that you can find canned tuna product made in Vietnam easily at food markets. Their product is wonderfully good with high quality tuna fish packed and sealed tightly in cans for simple and handy packaging method.
Which one should I choose? Canned tuna Vietnam or Fresh tuna?
If you live far away from Vietnam or maybe it is hard to find a fresh tuna from Vietnam then of course the solution is ended with canned tuna product. There is nothing wrong with buying canned tuna since it is as good as fresh tuna. In fact, they are better because they are available anytime and in anywhere plus you do not need to use it straightly after you buy it because the canning process makes the canned fish last longer than fresh tuna.
Canned tuna Vietnam and fresh has similarity which you need to know so you can figure out that this is fine to replace the fresh tuna with canned one, such as:
-          Both of then low in sodium and saturated fat. This is good because over consumption of sodium and saturated fat are not great for your body health. Always choose canned tuna fish with “low in sodium” label to ensure that there are no extra ingredients such as salt to add more sodium in the tuna product. Meanwhile, it is better to avoid buying tuna in brine which is only salt water because you will end up having more sodium. It is important to be smart when choosing your canned fish product.
-          Both of them rich in protein and omega 3 fatty acids as well as other vitamins and minerals content. Fresh tuna and canned tuna Vietnam factory product contain similar good nutrition for the consumers; they can act as excellent sources of protein and omega-3 oil that can be found in the fishes. Omega 3 supported brain function and help to lower heart disease, they are good for skin, hair, and nail. In addition, they are packaged with selenium which acts as antioxidant to defend free radicals. Not to mention several other nutrients as well such as potassium, iron, vitamin B12, vitamin B3, and many more. Although the amount of nutrition in the canned is lower than the fresh one, but still the tuna tin fish is a cheap product that you can find easily.
-          Both of them are tasty
Yes, fresh tuna with proper cooking and seasonings can become the best sea food you ever taste and that also goes to the canned tuna Vietnam tin fish. You can eat the tuna alone or paired them with other ingredients like extra seasonings, sauces, or herbs. They are good to be cooked as salad or sandwiches and any other healthy recipes. And if you are too lazy to prepare the seasonings then the best thing about canned tuna more than fresh fish is that you can buy canned tuna in tomato based sauce or mustard or in other organic herbs to get rich flavor. Besides, fresh tuna need more time to be prepared, especially if you purchase whole round fresh tuna which need to be cleaned and gutted, while there is canned tuna Vietnam boneless and skinless that do not need to be prepared anymore.
Yes, they are similar in certain things meaning that you can choose either fresh tuna or canned tuna because both of them are good. However, please take a note that both of them also contain methyl mercury, fresh tuna brings higher mercury level than canned one so it is best to not make fresh tuna as your weekly portion of your oily fish to get omega 3 intake. You need to limit the consumption of the fresh and canned tuna Vietnam especially if you are a pregnant or nursing women, young children, and babies.

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