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Milkfish Fillet Healthy Advantages and Disadvantages

Milkfish fillet healthy choice for you dietary menu since it offers numerous nutrients, minerals, and vitamins. They are good for weight loss diet since it contains high quality lean protein that ensure you get enough energy without starving too much and improve your immune system. Omega 3 fatty acids oil is another healthy benefit of why you should eat milkfish because the DHA and EPA contained in the natural fish oil support your brain development especially for children and not to mention the oil lower the cardiovascular disease. All in one milkfish fillet you can have when you at least consume it 2 or 3 servings per week.

Milkfish fillet healthy choice, frozen or fresh
Milkfish fillet healthy nutrition brings enough nutrient intakes for your body. Eating fish fillets mean that the fish is being cut away from the backbone and then removed in one piece. Fillets are usually taken from large size of milkfish and then cut into several boneless parts. The thickness and the lengths of the fillets are varied depending on the size of the fish. Milkfish itself has almost white flesh with soft texture and the fillets product can be cooked into various ways including grilled, baked, broiled, pan fried, smoked, and many more.
Why you should purchase milkfish fillet healthy product which already being cut instead buy a whole round fish and fillet them at home?
There are certain reasons of why it is better to purchase milkfish which already filleted at markets instead of buy whole round milkfish and cut them into fillets on your own. It is true that buying fresh whole round fish will be less expensive than bring back fillets to home since you need to pay for the labor cost for filleting, especially if you buy fresh milkfish fillets from fishmonger. While it is make sense to simply buy whole round fish and fillet it at home, but the case will be more difficult for milkfish than you filleting other species or types of fish.
First, milkfish is a very bony fish and it will be complicated for you to clean, prepare, deboned, and filleted the milkfish on your own. If you never filleting a whole round fish or you do not have a skill to fillet the fish then it will be easier to buy fillets. Even an expert needs to spend so much time just removing the bones and fillet the milkfish. So, in conclusion buying fillets will save your time for it.
The advantages for having milkfish fillet healthy are:
-          It is more convenience: When you purchase fresh or frozen milkfish fillets, the bones are completely or nearly removed and thus fillets are more convenience since they only need little further processing.
-          Fillets are versatile: It is so easy to cook fillets, you can bake, fry, sauté, poach, and broil them. In addition, fillets absorb sauces and seasonings very well and they can be sized for proper plate coverage.
Of course there are several disadvantages for buying milkfish already in fillets style such as:
-          They are more expensive, just like we already mentioned above because you need to pay for extra labor cost to the staff or fishmonger for preparing the fillets.
-          Fillets are easily overcooked, this is why you need to give extra care and should pay attention when cooking fillets because they are cook quickly especially for thin fillets.
-          For fresh milkfish fillet healthy product, they have shorter shelf life. Averages shelf life for fillets product is three to five days only. It is because fish fillets relatively have thin meats but large surface area which can dehydrate quickly and readily admit bacteria.
-          It is more wasteful than whole round fish, truth to be told that fish fillets product is so wasteful while whole round fish is more economical since you can use the head or bones for sauces, soup, or risotto.
So, after you compare the advantages and disadvantages for having milkfish fillet healthy, maybe you are sure know whether you want to buy fillets or whole round fish products. Fillets are come in fresh or frozen styles, if you wish to use fillets later then you may want to get frozen fillets instead of buying fresh fillets at the market.

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