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Canned Tuna Indonesia and Reason Why You Need to Drain Off Them

Canned tuna Indonesia products come in oil, water, or brine (salt water). Tuna itself is one of the most popular sea foods eaten worldwide not only in Asia, but also America and Europe. Maybe you prefer to have fresh tuna, but canned tuna product is easier to be prepared and grabbed at groceries store. The tuna will be cooked first and then packed in a can with either oil or water. The canning process will ensure the tuna to long last for years until pass the expired date and it turns out bad.

Canned tuna Indonesia draining method
Before you use the canned tuna Indonesia fish, you need to drain off the oil or water in the can using strainer. The sieve or strainer should be used to remove the oil or water as much as possible and after that leave the tuna fish sit on the strainer for few minutes or at least for two minutes to ensure that the oil or water already drained of completely. The method draining tuna with sieve has been used to use canned tuna as samples for laboratory analysis, but they will work for home consumers as well. You can use strainer which is easier and simpler.
Water versus oil canned tuna Indonesia
You can choose either oil or water (brine/ salt water or water) canned Tuna Indonesia products; however the most popular are tuna in oil and tuna in water instead of salt water also known well as brine. Tuna preserver in oil has almost twice calories level than tuna in water. For some comparison, tuna in oil offers 331 amounts of calories per serving while tuna in water only brings 220 calories in the same serving. Additional mayonnaise in tuna salad which you like to eat even make the calories go higher and it has greater impact for health. But, tuna in water mixed with 2 tablespoon of mayonnaise has more fat than tuna in oil mixed with 1 tablespoon of mayonnaise. In conclusion it is your choice which canned tuna Indonesia product is okay for you.  
Why you should drain off the oil or water from the can?
Maybe you are wondering why you should remove the oil or water in canned fish tuna Indonesia. Although the draining process does not lower the level of the mercury in the fish since mercury is not water-soluble, however it does make the tuna easier to be used when you want to cook it. In addition, drain the tuna in water does not decreasing the calories or the fats that you eat because water does not contain extra calories and fat unlike oils.
When you want to eat the tuna straight from the can, of course you do not need to drain off the water, however if you want to use it in the tuna pasta or tuna salad then it is better you drained them off first. Canned tuna when used in salad will be mixed with some seasonings, mayonnaise, onions, and cucumbers. This paste is spread on the crackers or sandwiches. Canned tuna Indonesia factory can be sprinkled on top of salad greens or pasta as well and thus if you left them drained, the fish will be too watery to use both in pasta or salad.
How about tuna in oils? Tuna in oils, either sunflower oil, olive oil, or vegetable oil when you want to use it then this is best if you drain off them due to the similar reason above. More reason is because they want to remove the extra fats and calories found in the oils. The slippery and oilier texture might be off putting to some as well. Even some people will rinse off the fish before using them in order to remove the oil residual. Take some note that when you drain the oil or rinse the fish, beneficial fatty acids will be drained off together.
When you purchase tuna in tomato sauces, of course you do not need to drain-off the oily sauces because it is what makes the fish flavor tastier. Some of the canned tuna Indonesia factory product offers such kind of fish with additional seasonings and herbs which you can enjoy for meal.

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